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Compact Heroes Sale!

The Master Set is now slashed from $29.95 to $20! Also, you can now order the expansions directly from DriveThru Cards, and at a discount!


Gamers Against Cancer!

We are proud to announce that all net profits of sales from this product are being donated to the American Cancer Society. So please, if you're a nerd, geek, gamer, or just someone who wants to help, visit here and get your shirt, and help support a great cause!


Adventurer's Pack Now Available!

The Adventurer's Pack for the Compact Heroes RPCG is HERE! The wait is over, so get your grubby hands on some awesome new skills, spells, and magic items!

The Adventurer's Pack includes more than 100 new cards that focus on advanced and unique skills, spells, and magical items. Expand your Compact Heroes games, and transform your heroes into legends!


Hunt for the Star Stone Now Available!

The second in the "Your Choice" story books is now available for early purchase. The story continues the adventures of Zach and Max from book 1. With dozens of different endings, each decision you make forms the story.





Have Fun!

That is, feel free to modify, change, add, or remove any rule to any of the games that you feel may take away from fun (we don't believe there are any ;) ), and enjoy the games they way they were meant to be enjoyed. Rediscover your imagination!



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