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DieHard Gamefan's 2011 New Game System of the Year!

Compact Heroes is a revolutionary new game that combines the full fledged, sandbox experience of a never ending role-playing game with the portability of a card game. Now you can have the fun of playing a traditional rpg but don't have to lug around large rulebooks or bags of dice. Perfect for the gamer on the go. The game uses a skill based system, so you have complete flexibility on how you want your character to grow and advance. Click on the icon above to get additional detail on this award winning game and to order copies directly.

Altus Adventum

The 2nd edition of the Altus Adventum role-playing game harkens back to those glory days of gaming where one rule reigned: Make The Game Fun. Everything within this rulebook are guidelines for your group to use when taking your characters on the journey from lowly aspirants to grand legends. This book is but the foundation for you to mold into your own. Ignore rules you don't like. Keep those you do. The goal is to have fun, and no written rule within this tome should ever prevent that.

What Altus Adventum offers is a skill-based system that allows you to focus on how you want your character to progress without being tied to any particular occupation if you do not want. It offers a combat system that moves very quickly, allowing you to focus on the narrative game without stopping play to analyze modifiers. It offers a vast library of weapons, armor, magic styles, and creatures to make every adventure challenging yet fun. It is a tool to bring good friends together.


Adventure Modules

Have that old school gaming itch? By visiting RPGNow (the link to the upper right), you will find several old school adventure modules. Most of them have versions for both Altus Adventum and OSRIC (a clone of the most popular RPG 1st edition). And what's better? Almost all of them are only $1 each!